How to capture light trails

A long exposure has made it possible to capture light trails along a train track. Taken on a Canon EOS RP with Canon 24 – 240mm f/4 6.3 IS USM lens at 105mm, 32 secs, f/8 and ISO100.

Capturing light trails created by moving vehicles is a great way to convey a sense of movement. In darkness there’s little chance of overexposure, so you can use a Bulb exposure and leave the shutter open for a few minutes if necessary, to get lots of light trails into the shot. Just make sure your camera is mounted on a tripod or other solid, vibration-free support. 
Another trick is to use a flashgun to illuminate a moving vehicle, so in addition to capturing light trails, the car, motorcycle, train or even bicycle is nicely exposed. You’ll need to set your flashgun o rear-curtain flash mode, so the flash is fired at the end of the exposure instead of at the beginning. With regular front-curtain flash, the light trails will appear to extend in front of the moving vehicle rather than behind it.

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